SEO-promotion for service. Growing organic traffic
from 0 to 6000/day users.



Service Steam platform gamers


$1 500 works, $300 links

Period :

1 November 2020 - 20 January 2022


US main market, word wide


● Increased SEO traffic to the site.
● Increasing the number of conversions to sell Steam accounts


We looked at which landing pages were getting traffic. To do this, we collected the maximum semantics and began to form the structure of the site.The keys in the niche are relatively complex. Most with ahrefs difficulty over 60.


Structure development

The second thing we did was to form the structure of the site. Described what type of landing page should be, formed the TOR for landing pages, and wrote the content.

The main traffic page is the main page, because the main receive keywords: steam id, steamid, steam hex, steamhex
Created blog pages.
Worked profile pages like
Worked on the pages "top"


The third thing we did was the website translation into Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Polish, and Romanian.
We used the DeepL service for translation.


Primary link building, as for any young resource, we decided to build according to the catalog.


After 14 months, we were in the top 10 in the US across the entire semantic core.
Over the past month, the site has collected 161K traffic monthly


All-time traffic dynamics according to Google Search Console


Serpstat data for TOP keywords


Ahrefs data for TOP keywords


SERanking data for TOP keywords


Top 10 countries by traffic


Killer feature of growth

The main point of growth was the decision to prepare a translation into other languages. This helped to get into the tops there, which in turn pulled the USA to the top.

Linkbulding summary

We have done nothing more than the maximum submission package.
At the moment, the site began to collect natural links itself.
Examples of such links:

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