SEO for online store of Apple devises and accessories Traffic growth by 24.5 times up to 590K/month of users.



Online store of Apple devices and accessories


$2 000/ montly

Period :

1 June 2019 - 1 October 2021



We worked on the project for almost 2.5 years. During this time, we conducted several audits of the site. Worked out the structure. Published out new types of landing pages.
Special thanks to the owner of the project, Alexander, for being very involved in the SEO process. Thanks to this synergy, we succeed. SEO for online store of Apple devises and accessories Traffic growth by 24.5 times up to 590K/month of users.



● Increasing SEO traffic to the site
● Increasing the number of sales
● The business operated in the Apple accessories niche and wanted to sell iPhones as well.

What was done:

Monitoring the technical condition of the site

Monitoring the technical condition of the site is one of the highest priority tasks in our work. The site is dynamically developing and it is very important to maintain the relevance of the structure, solve the difficulties that have arisen and keep the site up to date
What we did:
● we regularly parsed the website with SEO spiders/analyzers, looking for errors and problems
● regularly audited by different SEO specialists of our agency to neutralize the effect of being too close to the project.
● Timely implementation of new Google recommendations

The result was that the client's website received the prize for the best technical optimization.


Development of the site structure

During the work on the site, we worked out various filters, rolled out new categories of products. This is a standard SEO set.

Also rolled out a new type of page “best”. An example of such a page is
At the moment, this type of page collects 5.1% of all site traffic.

The client opened a new direction - repair of Apple equipment -
From our side, we have worked out the structure of the catalog, the structure of landing pages.
This section currently receives 3.5% of all traffic.
This is how it looks in dynamics for 16 months in the Apple repair catalog


We have successfully entered the iPhone sales niche.
Statistics of the top 10 queries in iphone 13


The client is very scrupulous in terms of building a link. All of our actions were focused on how to get natural or very similar to natural links.

Link building itself is better to look through ahrefs, but I will highlight 2 points.
We launched a grant program, which allowed us to attract links from Ukrainian universities.
The program itself is here -

We also did a great job of cutting links to hype with tattoos on the face


We got links from 100+ domains and 2 million views


In the niche of selling iPhones, we received more than 500 thousand users. The site grew in traffic by almost 25 times.

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