SEO for online store. Growth of organic traffic by 8.8 times



Online store of agricultural machinery and equipment


$1 500

Period :

1 March 2019 - 1 January 2022.



The client came for an SEO consultation in February 2019.
The site occupied top positions in its niche but began to lose traffic.



● Increased SEO traffic to the site.
● Increasing the number of conversions.


The first thing we did was conduct a technical audit of the site using one of the SEO spiders:
● Found bugs
● Broken links
● Fixed redirects
● Found duplicate pages and worked on them

The second direction was the development of the site structure:
● collected semantics
● in priority areas of the business, we create branched filtering and new landing pages in the hope of taking tops for midrange-low frequent keys

The third direction was link building
● Links were built in articles on one of the popular link exchanges.

Results of 9 months works

During the work on the site, we found a few more critical errors and fixed them. Introduced a full micro-markup for landing boards. But, all our actions gave little result, the site continued to stagnate. Until January 2020.

Killer feature of growth

We did not despair and generated various hypotheses to return the site to its former greatness.
Then we realized that in the niche there are no sites with catalog pages for regions. All semantics of the client are strongly geo-dependent. Accordingly, if we create commercial pages for each city in Ukraine, we will be able to get top1.
During the analysis, we realized that no one does this in our niche, and we can become pioneers.

We created essentially our own copy of the site for each region

For example, for Vinnitsa we have the main site - and for Kharkiv the main page is this
The entire directory structure was duplicated.
This is our page of motoblocks for Vinnitsa, and this is already a page of the same motoblocks in Kharkiv
This was the main reason for the rapid growth of the site.

What difficulties did we face

The biggest difficulty is indexing. Many pages in fact are almost duplicates. What we have done in this direction:
● worked out relinking
● Unique texts through templates
● created separate sitemaps for better monitoring

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